STAR TREK Victorian Cosplay Photos Will Take You Back in Time

This Star Trek Victorian cosplay boldly goes where no Star Trek outfits have gone before! Cosplayer Genovefa creates detailed, classic Victorian gowns, but it is her recent twist on an iconic uniform that’s caught the eyes of sci-fi geeks. Here Genovefa and her fellow cosplayer are dressed as Victorian versions of Data and Janeway. While putting these two characters together goes against Star Trek canon, these amazing outfits will make Star Trek fans wish Janeway and Data had traveled back to the Victorian era together!


Here’s the Lieutenant Commander Data dress as a work in progress-


The completed version of the Victorian Data dress- with cat photobomb!

The completed version of the Data dress

Personally, I would love to see her cosplay Jenny Flint and Madame Vastra from Doctor Who. More of Genovefa’s designs can be found on her blog . LLAP!

Share your thoughts on the Star Trek Victorian cosplay in the comments below!

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