AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN “The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks” Recap

American Horror Story: Coven doesn’t waste anytime jumping right back into the drama after the holiday hiatus, and one thing is for sure, the witch hunters might not have anything to worry about in the not too distant future. Sure, Fiona (Jessica Lange) did just set the company up to fold, but at least she didn’t kill them – well, at least not yet, which is more than she can say for the members of her own coven.

After the massacre at the hair salon, Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) is assumed dead and Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) has sought shelter at Miss Robichauxs under the protection of the witches. It’s a little awkward to see the shift in power go so smoothly, especially with anything that involves the tempestuous Supreme herself, but it’s clear that Fiona has the upper hand now that Laveau’s lost her voodoo followers. There’s a strange chemistry that exists between the two of them despite being on opposite side of the magic spectrum, and it doesn’t look like it will end well for anyone.

Fiona has already killed Madison (Emma Roberts), who not-so-prompty returned from the dead, and with Queenie gone, she set her sights on the next biggest threat, Nan (Jamie Brewer). It makes sense more or less. She can’t have someone running around reading her mind and revealing all of her deep, dark (probably an understatement) secrets, now can she?

This suits Laveau purposes, as well. In this episode of American Horror Story, Laveau came clean about her deal with the devil (literally) or Coven‘s version of him, Papa Legba (Lance Reddick). In exchange for immortality, she gave up her soul and then some. With Nan threatening  her long-term payment plan, it was an ironic way of solving the problem. I doubt Leveau thought it would be this easy to get rid of her enemies. If she had, she probably would have nixed her original plan to rely on a witch hunter to do her dirty work – we saw how that turned out.


Luckily for Fiona, Madison is equally petty and sent Misty (Lily Rabe) to an early grave (again, literally) – only helping further her cause. If you’re doing the math, the witches are running a little on the skim side these days. Half of the students are dead and Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) has lost her powers, which causes some logistical issues when she’s supposed to be grooming the next generation of witches with them. Plus, Myrtle (Frances Conroy) has pretty much lost her mind.

The biggest shocker of this episode wasn’t Fiona turning against her own “subjects,” but that she doesn’t even have a soul. I know that she’s done some horrible things in her lifetime, but how does that work exactly? I thought a soul was kind of part of the human experience. However she managed it, this headlining news won’t stop Fiona from trying to find another way to cheat death. At the very least, the more potential future Supreme’s she kills, the better her chances are of beating cancer.

Fiona also gave us a special treat tonight with a guest appearance from Stevie Nicks, playing herself, as a witch. It’s always great to see a solid cameo, but if things keep going like they are, there won’t be anyone left for her to sing to.

Do you think that Fiona will destroy the coven or will the next Supreme step in before that happens? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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