ARROW “Blast Radius” Episode Recap

Arrow returns this January with a new mask, a new friend, and a new villain to stop. After Oliver (Stephen Amell) barely managed to defeat the first genetically altered super soldier to hit Starling City, his confidence is clearly shaken and his past seems closer to catching up with him than ever. He is forced to relive the aftermath of Slade’s (Manu Bennett) injection with Mirakuru on the island which is only overshadowed by the knowledge that Roy (Colton Haynes) may now suffer a similar mental fate.

So far Roy isn’t taking any of his newly injected aggression out on anyone in particular, but he is definitely showing signs of being physically altered. In this episode alone he unexplainably heals from a deep cut, and saves Moira (Susanna Thompson ) from being crushed with only his brute strength. He chalks the latter up to adrenaline; however, I’m not sure even Thea (Willa Holland), who always wants to believe in the best-case scenario when it comes to him, believes his story.

This recent development is taking more of a toll on Oliver than anything else has lately. Even realizing that Sara was still alive didn’t shake him like this. And, he is taking it out on other people – in the verbal sense, at least. Oliver picks a fight with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) after her computer talents are thwarted by a new anti-establishment arsonist targeting Starling City buildings. The squabble has more to do with his jealousy over her absence for the last couple of days (err, weeks?) than her failure to perform, but Oliver is too emotionally compromised to realize it.


Oliver and Felicity may not be dating, but they have definitely established a close relationship since they began working together. With everything going on, it’s understandable that sometimes the line between protective and jealous gets a bit blurry. Felicity deserves to have some romantic attention, and even though I’m not keen on her leaving Arrow to join Barry (Grant Gustin) on the potential new Flash spin-off, he’s a welcome addition to the entire group dynamic – when he wakes up from his coma.

In the end, Oliver and his posse defeat the bomb maker aka Shrapnel and managed to save everyone. Not a huge stretch of the imagination. The real shocker this episode came from the Laurel (Katie Cassidy) led plot twist. Although she’s generally not huge on the idea of conspiracy theories, she is following her instincts about the latest mayoral candidate, Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro), who conveniently is also courting her.

Her suspicions lead her to an insane asylum where his mother is being held. It can’t be a good sign if your own mother declares that you are the devil, just saying. Do you think Laurel will be able to take down Blood, or will she need help from an old friend? Let us know what you thought of the Arrow’s mid-season premiere in the comment section below!

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