ARROW “Blind Spot” Review

Laurel (Katie Cassidy) puts her trust in the vigilante on this episode of Arrow when she discovers she has no other allies. As you can imagine, there’s a little bit of hesitation on his part given their recent history, but Oliver (Stephen Amell) later admits what we already knew, that despite the facts he will always have a blind spot where Laurel is concerned.

This episode of Arrow verges on heartbreaking when Laurel finds herself at a breaking point. In her search for answers, she stumbles upon a link between Sebastian (Kevin Alejandro) and the death she was investigating in the glades per the request of Thea (Willa Holland) and Roy (Colton Haynes). When she followed her instincts on the matter, they led her directly to his mother, who Sebastian “the orphan” conveniently had locked away in a mental institution under the assumed identity of an aunt.

In order to keep up the facade and keep his mayoral hopes alive after Laurel went to visit her and discovered the truth that Sebastian killed his own father, he then killed his mother. When Laurel received a call informing her of Myra’s passing, it only plunged her further into her mission to take down Blood. When her boss shot her request to dig into Sebastian’s past in the legal sense, she went to the only person she knew wouldn’t be stopped by laws.

After Laurel turned over her file on the case, Oliver and his team ran into a snag trying to pull up information on the death of Sebastian’s father and were forced to enlist Laurel to help. Eager to find proof of what she already knew to be true, Laurel jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, Slade (Manu Bennett) was one step ahead of them.

In one of his first appearances as Deathstroke, Slade turns the tables on Sebastian and threatens to end his life if he messes up again. Although Sebastian did an adequate job throwing the vigilante off his scent by sending in Officer Daly as a decoy and distracting everyone, Slade didn’t seem impressed that Blood sunk as low as to kill his own mother.


Meanwhile, Roy decided to finally share with someone what happened to him when he was kidnapped. He called Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) to pow wow about his newly attained skill set and they orchestrate a plan to use them to help the people in the Glades. Still keeping Thea in the dark, the pair slunk off into the night set on taking down the Starling Slasher, a hot-shot lawyer who got his jollies off slashing up prostitutes and thinking he’s above the law.

It doesn’t take Sin long to discover that Roy’s new strengths are dangerous. After losing control, Roy’s attack plan goes from sending a message to nearly fatal. The guy winds up in critical condition to the hospital, and Thea arrives wanting answers. When Oliver gets wind of the events, he reaches out to Roy and volunteers to teach him how to control the effects that the mirakuru is having on his body and mind. Roy readily accepts his offer to help.

We’re sure to see some intense mentoring scenes in the next few episodes of Arrow, and I’m thrilled to finally see Roy moving into the sidekick position. Instead of constantly putting himself in danger to prove he’s worthy, he can now assert himself in a safer (for everyone) way. And, with Deathstroke gunning for Oliver and everyone he loves, Roy’s new super-strengths will definitely come in handy.

Are you excited to see Oliver taking on this mentoring role? Let us know in the comment section, along with all your theories on Arrow and Deathstroke’s next move!

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