BRAVE Cosplay Model Faces Snow…and a Big Ol’ Bear

Serious cosplay models are all about details and one-upping themselves and others. Well, I think we’ve hit the ceiling (at least for now). Russian cosplayer Tina Rybakova not only braves sitting in snow in just a fur-lined two piece fit for any female barbarian warrior in a Dungeons and Dragons, but she also braves sitting in snow in a two piece with a bear. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment while taking a look at these pictures.

Tina Rybakova Merida and bear 1 Tina Rybakova Merida and bear 2 Tina Rybakova Merida and bear 3 Tina Rybakova Merida and bear 4 Tina Rybakova Merida and bear 5

Judging by the name of Rybakova’s character’s name, Merida, it’s assumed that she’s playing some version of the tomboyish Disney Princess from Brave. Yeah…if this is Merida just because she has super red, unkempt hair and a bear to hug, then I’m Clark Kent just for putting on my black rimmed glasses every morning. Instead let’s think of Rybakova cosplaying her barbarian character who has a bear for a companion, and her name happens to be Merida. Yes, this makes perfect sense now.

Costume confusion aside, these pics are downright awesome. I mean, c’mon, there’s a bear posing with the model! And it’s not eating her! The latter alone is a win for this lady.

These pictures were taken by Dasha Kond, a professional photographer with a penchant for taking stunning pictures of models posing with live animals.

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