Comic Book News Round-Up for 1/13

My, what an eventful day we’ve had in the world of comic books news alone. The latest casting news from Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man has the internet mildly confused, a certain scarlet speedster whom most of us grew up and fell in love with is making a comeback, and the long talked about Gotham TV series is not what we were expecting.

Michael Douglas gets cast as Henry (a.k.a. Hank) Pym


As we reported earlier today, Michael Douglas has agreed to star as Hank Pym in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. Lots of people over Facebook and Twitter were definitely scratching their heads once this little piece of news released. “What a minute,” thought the internet, its pixilated face contorted with confusion, “I thought Paul Rudd was supposed to be Ant-Man.” The answer, dear readers is this:

Many of us received our expansive Marvel Comics knowledge from the cartoons in the 90s, and again in the mid-2000s. Many of those cartoons, namely The Avengers animated series on Disney XD, feature Hank Pym as Ant-Man. It seems Marvel and Wright want to go a different way by introducing Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) as today’s Ant-Man rather than Pym. We don’t know the particulars just yet, but we can assume Pym’s role in Ant-Man will be the “aged mentor” type after Lang dons the helmet out of desperation to save his dying daughter.

Wally West returns to The Flash


We don’t know much of anything yet, just that DC Comic’s The Flash is getting a new creative team and that Wally West is coming along for the ride. Starting issue #30, which won’t be released until April 23, Robert Venditti and Van Jensen will co-write The Flash with art by Brett Booth, taking over for Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato’s duties respectively. The bigger news after introducing the new creative team was the announcement that Wally West is coming back.

Barry Allen is cool and all, but most of us grew up with Wally both on the page and in our living rooms. We don’t know in what capacity this speedster will reveal himself, just that his introduction to New 52 will be featured in The Flash Annual #3. We have hopes for this little ray of light in the midst of all the darkness.

Gotham is not what we all thought it would be. It’s worse…

"Gotham High" concept art by Jeff and Celeste
“Gotham High” concept art by Jeff and Celeste

When the idea for a Gotham TV show was first announced, lots of ideas flew around the internet. The most popular concept was that Gotham would be a cop drama featuring all of Gotham’s finest, a.k.a. normal people having to deal with the city’s craziness. “Finally!” we all celebrated, “A show set in the superhero world where the superheroes aren’t the main focus.” Today that fantasy came crashing down on us and reality set back in.

It was announced earlier this morning that Gotham will actually center around the Bruce Wayne’s life, starting from when his parents are killed to the day he first dons the cape and cowl. That’s right, we’re getting a Smallville clone. Hooray… Remember TV execs, you could’ve done something better than angsty growing pains filled with orphan tears. We have Arrow for that now.

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