Who Will Dwayne Johnson Play In The DC Universe?


Well here we are. Another casting rumor for  the DC Cinematic Universe. Yet another character is  going to be crammed into the Man Of  Steel sequel. Who is the latest actor to say they’ve been to Warner Bros. to discuss a role in the DC Cinematic Universe? Dwayne Johnson is the latest actor to throw his name into this bloated mess,  I’m sorry I know this sounds incredibly negative but  I can’t take it any more, this is not a Man Of Steel sequel any more. It’s  every conceivable member of the Justice League versus Lex Luthor featuring Superman, maybe. First Batman, then Nightwing(who isn’t even a member by the way), then Wonder Woman, then Martian Manhunter(if the Jason Momoa rumours are true) and now we have Dwayne Johnson. Please, please just stop now. If we include all these people into the already large cast introduced in Man Of Steel everyone is going to have exactly ten minutes of screen time between them before the film has to wrap up. This isn’t the  only issue I have with this film, no there is a much more dire issue to deal with, Who is Dwayne Johnson in talks to play? I know it may not look it but if the stars align just right this could  still work, all we need is Dwayne Johnson to play a character that suits his style of acting. So for your pleasure(and as a way for me to vent) I will give you my top picks of DC characters Dwayne Johnson could play in The Man Of Steel sequel.


5. Mongul



Mongul is an alien overlord who was created way back in the 80’s. Created as a character who was a physical challenge to Superman(back in the 80’s Superman was over-powered) Mongul was not just his physical match but was also  a tactical genius. He was able to devise brilliant plans to overwhelm not just Superman but  Green Lantern and even Sinestro and his own lantern corps(who he stole and renamed after himself, ego much).

Why He Works:

Mongul works because he is a Superman villain, he is part of one of the most heartbreaking stories in Superman’s history “For The Man Who Has Everything”, known as the definitive Mongul story this comic has everything you need, action, the Trinity(Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) and some of the best storytelling in the biz. Dwayne Johnson has shown that he can pull off the more serious roles and he has the right frame to pull off this villain, hell the story I just mentioned has everything in it to match up with the casting of the Man Of Steel so far they should just go for this one.

4. Doomsday


I know it’s a little too on the nose. Also it may be a bit early in Henry Cavills career as Superman to be bringing out the big  guns but hey if you want a threat that  will bring the Justice League together quick you’l hard pressed to find a more destructive force in all of creation than Doomsday. With a unique back  story which would allow for some exploration into the bigger DC Universe Doomsday could open up some galactic doors to introduce other intergalactic heroes and villains.

Why He Works:

Again Dwayne Johnson fits the build for Doomsday, also we’ve seen from some of his more interesting role choices( Pain and Gain) that he can be absolutely bat shit crazy and still give a fantastic performance that just keeps you glued to the screen. Also it would be an easy role, Doomsday barely utters any audible dialogue in his first incarnation.

3. Parasite


Now this  is a stretch but stay with  me here. Remember when Marvel did that CGI body swap with Chris Evans and his skinny body double in the first half of Captain America well what if DC went the same route with Dwayne Johnsons Rudy Jones aka The Parasite. Think about it, he’s a man who’s gone through his entire life without any power and then one day an alien falls out of the sky and loads of crazy shit happens, he’s caught in an explosion from the destroyed world engine and becomes the Parasite turning him into something with a Dwayne Johnson build when he drains enough  people or when he’s near Superman.

Why He Works:

Granted it’s a stretch but conceptually it  could be one of the more interesting and nuanced ideas out there. Imagine the visuals of him changing from this frail waif of a man into a hulking psychopath who hungers for this drug that will make him(in his head) better. Again Dwayne Johnson has shown he can pull this off(Pain and Gain is a great film).

2. Lobo


Yes I mentioned him, we all knew I had to. For years a Lobo movie has been in development hell with fans crying out for Dwayne Johnson to take the role of the cigar chomping alien bounty hunter. Introducing Lobo in this film though would serve no purpose other than to set up a spin-off film and to throw an unpredictable element into the Man Of Steel sequel(seriously would he be a good guy, bad guy or other?).

Why He Works:

He doesn’t really work, yes Dwayne Johnson suits the role to a tee but the character of Lobo serves no purpose in this film other than for fan service and I think we could do with less of that for the time being. I just put him into to this list because I’m one of those people who thinks it’s a crying shame Dwayne Johnson hasn’t at least done a fan made film about Lobo.

1. Kalibak


Kalibak is a New God, a race of  Deities who reside on Apokolipsand New Genesis. Part of an incredibly cruel and malicious family Kalibak is a physical match for Superman and many other characters in the DC Universe. Not only that but his dark twisted background would add an interesting layer to the DC Cinematic Universe. Dwayne Johnson has the personality to really make Kalibak shine on the big screen, he would probably be the biggest character in the whole film and you can take that anyway you like.

Why He Works:

I imagine you’re all wondering why I chose Kalibak over some of the other candidates. It’s for this reason above all others, he is a means to an end. With the introduction of Kalibak you immediately prepare the way for all his messed up family and then there is the big  one, Darkseid. This allows for DC to have their own big bad waiting in the wings and lets face it, Thanos is cool but he is no Darkseid.

There you have it, Dwayne Johnson could be any of these characters but I think we can all agree  on two things. One, Dwayne Johnson should never be Green Lantern John Stewart and two, his career has been very unusual. Comment below and let us know who you think Dwayne Johnson in is talks to play.

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