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Fan Writes 400-Page Script to ‘Fix’ MASS EFFECT 3

Fans of the Mass Effect series is arguably just as passionate as those belonging to the Star Wars or Star Trek fandom, that includes the disgruntled ones and the ones who think they can do better. The latter is in no way meant to be entirely negative, because there are fans who officially become part of the franchise proper and make quality product for the rest of us to consume.

If any one thing in the entire Mass Effect series were to conjure up such a controversy with fans, it’d be the ending of the third installment. Gerry Pugliese is a self-proclaimed “huge Mass Effect Fan” but he, like many others, had a problem with how Mass Effect 3 all played out. Instead of just complaining about it on the internet, Pugliese took the initiative to write a book filled with all the fixes he thought might work better in the game. The title of his project is Mass Effect: Vindication. It’s a 400-page script full of new dialogue, new missions, and new options that expand character development, scenes, and so on.

“The endings are a third of ME3V and I’ve created more than ten new ending scenarios,” Pugliese writes, “including having Shepard and friends survive, and going on to live happy lives; or Shepard succumbing to the Reapers’ power, turning evil, and enslaving the Galaxy, and turning many major characters into Reaper minions to serve at his/her side.”

If you’re up for some lengthy reading, check out Pugliese’s ME3V right here, or download it directly.


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Christina Janke

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