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Get Your Space Ghost On in February at 4am

Space Ghost Coast to Coast will return to Adult Swim at 4am for DVR Theater along with Sealab 2021 on February 3rd. According to the Adult Swim schedule, the first episode to air will be “Kentucky Nightmare.”

In case you don’t know what Space Ghost Coast to Coast is about, it’s an animated talk show hosted by the old Hanna-Barbera superhero Space Ghost along with his old enemies (and current prisoners) Zorak and Moltar. Like any late night talk show, they, too, had interviews with celebrities though the show probably made it awkward for their guest. The banter between Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar were always hilarious.

So if you have a DVR to record this, or for some reason up at 4am, watch this show. It’s one of Adult Swim’s (and Cartoon Networks) best animated shows in it’s 10 plus years on television.

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