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Greatest Event In Television History Review

Last night, Adult Swim aired the fourth and last Greatest Event In Television History. It definitely lived up to it’s name this time. The event this time was the re-shot of the series Bosom Buddies where Paul Rudd played the role of Kip and Adam Scott played Henry. Of course it’s the behind the scenes shots that are the really funny moments and it delivered. If you liked when Jon Hamm did the first one, I think you would have loved it this time with Rudd. He wasn’t the only familiar face in this episode: Gillian Jacobs, Billy Joel, and the actors who played Kip and Henry from the original series Peter Scolari and, yes, Tom Hanks himself. Scott’s wife, Emily, also joined in this episode having an interesting relationship with Rudd by sleeping with him after he moves in with the Scott family. This fourth installment felt different from the other three to me but I also enjoyed it more. It didn’t really focus too much on the actual remaking scenes as much as getting ready for the remaking scenes and the extra lengths Rudd was making to get prepared for the role. The Tom Hank scene was unexpected making it funny in itself. Between last night and when I’m writing this, I have no idea how many times I’ve watched the episodes. It was funny every time. I really think they ended the GEITH series with it’s best. If I’m not mistaken Adam Scott and wife have other projects they’re working for (not sure for Adult Swim specifically) but if so I can’t wait to see what else they bring.

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