Joker Suit of Armor Will Transport you to Medieval Times


Earlier we shared a badass Batman suit of armor. Now we’ve got a medieval suit of armor for the Joker. The suit was created by Prince Armory, who is “the premier source for unique custom leather armor, elaborate costumes, props, accessories and general leather products.” Unlike the Batman suit of armor, this one is made of leather. If I were the joker during medieval times I would much rather have leather armor for ease of movement.

Here is a description of the joker suit of armor from their DeviantART page:

Functional hardened leather full body armor including:

Jester’s Helmet with Joker Mask, Breastplate, Drama Face Pauldrons, Breastplate, Jester’s War Skirt, Cuisses/Knees/Greaves, Articulated Jester Shoe Sabatons

Check out photos of the Joker suit of armor below and on Prince Armory’s Facebook page.






What do you think of this Joker suit of armor?

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