Paul Michael Design Has Drool-Worthy Jewelry for Every Nerd

Anything made for geeks and nerds have become a hot commodity in recent years since the culture went mainstream, and jewelry is no exception. In fact, jewelry designers and crafters have taken it upon themselves to make their own geeky wares. Someone has to do it so it might as well be them. 2013 saw an explosion of crafters making top-notch jewelry for our little-big community and it looks like there’s no stopping the trend for now.

For the past couple of years, we’ve also noticed the creeping popularity of custom-made rings, either as engagement or wedding rings mostly. One is always looking for that perfect ring that will not only seem unique but complimentary to that significant other. If the couple both happen to be huge geeks, what better way than to have a custom ring made inspired by their favorite fandom?

One crafter that has caught our eye is one Paul Michael Bierker, of Paul Michael Design, a “formally educated designer with a BFA in Jewelry Design and Graphic Design from Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY.” Bierker goes on to say in his profile on Etsy, “I listen and then take your ideas and translate them into a piece of fine High Craft,” he says, “I work in all metals, Gold, Platinum and several different Sterling Silver Alloys, utilize my gemological experience to help clients with a variety of gemstones.”

Below are just a few examples of what Bierker can do. He’s also up for taking commissions as well.

Assassin's Creed ring Boba Fett rings R2-D2 ring Triforce rings

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