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Superior Spiderman has been one of the most consistently brilliant Marvel titles in the last year. Giving us a new spin on an old hero. With the introduction of Superior Spiderman and the cancellation of Amazing Spiderman a lot of people were worried the loss of Peter would be inescapable, that we(the audience) would never be able to  accept. I know I for one was among the multitude of fans who had reservations about Otto Octavious taking over the mantle of Spiderman(even if he did force his way in). Now it’s been a year and everyone has been having a ton of fun with Otto, I’m up to Volume Three of Superior  Spiderman and I am loving it. Otto is such a different hero, here is a man who is trying to be better. In Volume One he went out  of his way to help an old accomplice in crime by trying to find a way out for him, he has made countless updates and upgrades to Spidermans crime fighting arsenal and everything he  does(for the most part)is from a logical point of view with regards to the safety of others.

Superior Versus Amazing
Superior Versus Amazing

Then news hit, Peter Parker, The Amazing Spiderman is returning in April. With Otto’s continuing spiral into madness the timing couldn’t be better. I’ve enjoyed Otto’s tenure but I have to admit I miss the banter of Peter. His comebacks, his cutting remarks and his devil may care attitude combined with that roguish charm make him an icon, an icon that is sorely missed, even if his “successor” has been successful in most aspects of Peter’s life(especially his love life).

I cannot wait to see Peter make his triumphant return. To re-introduce himself to the Marvel Universe with a little wink and I hope a fair bit of swagger. I feel this could be a huge resurgence  in popularity for Peter Parker, with Peter never really cashing in on the success of Marvel Now! in my opinion this could become an even larger success than anything that has come before, even dare I say, The Superior Spiderman.

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