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Gamer builds Room to Display her Retro Video Game Collection


If you’re a video game fanatic, then you need to check out this awesome retro video game room. The shelves are lined with Super NES games, retro game consoles line the walls, and there is even a classic arcade-style game in the corner. In short, this is a video game lovers paradise. There are tons of awesome stuff on Tumblr (be sure to follow Agents of Geek on our Tumblr). This retro video game room was found on 8bitRevolver.

Here is a description of the retro video game room from her Tumblr:

My room for old ass games.

I built the arcade cabinet and the white shelves.

I completed the shelves last night took a step back, admired my work… Then said in my head “you’re a 26 year old lady.”

But whatever, I own my own house and that means that if I want a room for old games then SO BE IT.

Check out the awesome photos below:







What do you think of this retro video game room?

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