THE SIMPSONS and Studio Ghibli Together At Last

With the latest couch gag in The Simpsons we are given another touching tribute to Hayao Miyazaki as he has now retired from Studio Ghibli (again…for now). Once again this is a wonderful and touching tribute to another area of pop culture, much like their Game of Thrones opening there are a ton of Easter eggs for all the Ghibli fans. You can say a lot about The Simpsons but these couch gags  are top notch. We can take many things from this couch gag.

Studio Ghibli

1. Otto is a scary cat bus

2. Selma and Patty are appropriate Ghibli-style witches

3. The Simpsons couch gags are the most original and interesting parts of the episodes now (how sad is that?).

So what do you think? How many Miyazaki nods can you find? Tell us your favorite couch gag thus far in the comments below!

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Graham Day

Graham Day

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