What if superheroes turned on us and took over the world?

Things are all fine and dandy in our little world, we go about our daily lives with almost no one to tell us what to do, or where to go, or how to get things done. Our superheroes live inside the pages of lavishly drawn pieces of art and also across both our small screens and our silver screens. But what if things were not so kosher…what if, in a world where our superheroes do exist, they decided to rule us?

This is a premise that is not new; in fact, it’s been recently tackled, somewhat, in both video game and print form, with the creation of the Injustice story line from DC Comics. That said, however, there are so many other ways it could go, should our heroes go rogue. Let’s take a quick look at how things would be if some of our favorite characters decided to turn to the dark side. But let’s not go with the obvious: Aquaman rules the seas, Wolverine answers to no one, Green Lanterns rule the universe. Instead, let’s micro manage, and look at three possible, individual scenarios where our good guys go bad.


Batman: King of Gotham

Forever locked in a tit-for-tat with The Joker and with Gotham City always paying that price, Batman is constantly looking over his shoulder, awaiting the return of the Clown Prince of Crime and the ongoing shenanigans of the others in his Rogues Gallery. Batman has always done what’s best for Gotham City, all the while trying to put an end to the reign of anarchy that follows in the wake of The Joker’s rampage. But what if Batman ruled Gotham City? What if The Joker was but a smaller piece in a much more controlled puzzle?

Imagine a Gotham City ruled by The Dark Knight. Not a Gotham City policed by The Caped Crusader, but a Gotham City dictated by Batman himself. Having finally put an end to The Joker after years of struggle, Batman kills his one true arch-rival. As a result, Batman finally learns he can ill-afford more years of back and forth between himself and Gotham’s other notorious criminals, so one by one he gives each of them an ultimatum – serve under him or pay the ultimate price: death by his own hands. With the support of his extended Bat-Family, those who would follow him to the ends of the Earth, ruling Gotham City would be easily accomplished.


It’s no secret that Batman knows how to not only end the lives of all the criminals he deals with in Gotham City, but he can also end the entire Justice League as well. But ruling an entire world would be outside his desires: all he has ever wanted is Gotham City to be a place of respectable order. Gotham’s villains have always known: Batman does not kill. Therefore they continue their wicked ways time and again, and Batman must contend with them over and over again in turn. When finally forced to kill The Joker, a maniac who knows no boundaries, Batman sets a precedent from which he cannot return, and in turn learns that by breaking down that 4th wall he had set for himself decades ago, he can finally restore order Gotham City.


Captain America: President Of The United States and His Avengers Cabinet

The ultimate patriot, the face of America: Steve Rogers is Captain America. In the recent past in our own real world, The Ultimates run of Marvel Comics had several issues where Captain America was reluctantly elected President of the United States following a nuclear blast that destroyed much of Washington D.C. Cap has always been the face of patriotism and the lead man for the US and its interests, both domestic and abroad – but what if he decides that becoming absolute ruler of the United States, as the only way for his countrymen, and the entire world, to finally succumb to his own morals and beliefs?

With year after year of failing leadership in The White House, the time would come for a frustrated Steve Rogers to step up and assume control. But, Captain America is a “super-soldier:” meaning he is not invulnerable or indestructible, he is merely stronger than most. What he is, however, is a passionate leader whom most would follow into battle, and onto their deaths if need be. Using this to his advantage, imagine a Cap tired of watching his beloved country falter abroad with it’s foreign policies, and also here at home with poverty and starvation, and finally deciding to take a more proactive role.

Using his influence, Steve Rogers could convince the mightiest of The Avengers to join him in his cause: Iron Man as his Vice President, War Machine as his Secretary of Defense, Peter Parker as his Chief of Staff, and Bruce Banner as his Secretary of State (imagine what could potentially be The Hulk traveling abroad in order to enforce US policy). With all of these pieces falling into place, and a Captain America forcefully leading the United States, enforcing his US policy at home with his strong leadership and influence on the common people, and spreading fear abroad with a cabinet filled with his teammates, we as Americans would be as close to a dictatorship than we have ever been throughout our history.

Superman Wonder Woman kiss

Superman and Diana Prince: Rulers of Earth

It goes without saying that had Superman been raised differently, he would not be the patron saint of Metropolis and the world. The influence that Martha and Jonathan Kent had on the Last Son of Krypton was monumental in shaping the super man Clark Kent would go on to become.

There are multiple scenarios for how this could go down: Kal-El of Krypton being raised by Hitler and the Nazi regime, or a young alien forced to raise himself by having not landed in Kansas near the Kent Farm, but instead thousands of miles away in some remote wilderness, and so on. But what if, after years of allegiance to his American homeland, and to both the Justice League and the entire world as well like we have known him for so very long…what if Superman decides to go rogue? The Injustice story from DC Comics recently looked at this, but from a more controlled angle. What if Superman decides to take over, and answer to no one?

The potential for Superman to turn on us all has always been there. While he was raised with strong, humane morals by a homely American couple, Superman has always had the potential to rule the entire world, and rather easily. It’s because of the values instilled in him by the Kent family that he ultimately chose to do good across the globe, and for many years that was the case. But having lost both parents due to Superman-related incidents inside the jurisdiction of Smallville, and the death of Lois Lane at the hands of a Superman villain while she was working abroad,  he finally decides it’s time to take control.

He would be understanding, but also relentless. He would force each nation across the globe to fall under his command, under his rule. This is something that he would also not have much difficulty in accomplishing: he’s faster than the fastest man alive, and he is the most invulnerable and the strongest individual on the face of planet. As long as there is yellow sunlight shining down on him, Superman knows no boundaries.

And no, the Batman could not stop him (and neither could the JLA). It’s long been rightfully believed that Batman could end Superman, but should Superman decide to take over the world, the first person he would bring into line would be Bruce Wayne. The death of Batman would be the first in a long line of musts, with Superman focusing all of powers on subduing Batman once the decision is made to put his plan in motion. And few others would try to stand against Superman after he makes an example of the Bat, the one who is truly feared by all. So ultimately Superman would be forced to kill Batman, as Bruce is the one man who would always stand against anyone trying to rule his planet.

And kill him he would. Batman wouldn’t be able to get close enough to stop Superman. There would be no magic kryptonite bullet, no radioactive chunk of rock to subdue Superman this time. Superman would be able to see and hear all that Batman had planned to do, and his end would come rather swiftly at the outset.

And Wonder Woman would be forced to rule alongside Superman. She, obviously, is the only one with the ability to bear a Kryptonian offspring, and Superman would seek to re-establish his bloodline once he decided to rule: and all the naysayers would brought to his new brand of justice. In effect, Superman would take little time in taking over, and with the planet on its knees, he would rule with an iron fist. His galactic enemies would see his decision to rule his own world as a sign of absolute strength, instead of the years of inadequacy they’ve all seen with this god living among mortal men. No invasions from other worlds, no attempts to take over Earth, and one planet ruled by an alien that used to be it’s adopted son.

How do you see us falling at the hands of our heroes? Let us know in the COMMENTS section, and Happy New Year to all!

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