Top 5 Fantasy Protagonists

In the genre of Fantasy there are an abundance of characters that grab our imagination and never let go. These characters stay ingrained in our lives, teach us life lessons and if they really mean that much to you they influence the very way you view the world. Today I will be discussing the the Top 5 Fantasy Protagonists in Fantasy. I will clarify that I will only be giving my personal 5 favourites and it will be across all forms of Fantasy, Books, Films and Television. I will choose some iterations of a characters over another like, a film interpretation of a character over the book interpretation, as we all know a character can go through changes when they are changed from one form of media to another. With that  in mind it is my pleasure to give you my Top 5 Fantasy Protagonists, enjoy.

5. Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin Oakenshield, badass.
Thorin Oakenshield, badass.

Fantasy Series: The Hobbit Film Trilogy.

A lot of people would argue that the greatest and most interesting hero in the Middle Earth Anthology is Aragorn, but I would argue that Thorin Oakenshield is the most interesting character in the whole series. He has an absolutely tragic background, both his father and grandfather went mad with greed and his people were ousted from their ancestral home. Played fantastically by Richard Armitage, Thorin is given new depth and character in the film series. With his mere presence he commands respect and I dare you to find a character who  can pull off an Oakenshield  as well as this dwarf. If anyone deserves to be the King Under The Mountain it’s Thorin Oakenshield.

4. Shazam

Fantasy Series: New 52 Shazam series.

I know what you’re thinking but Shazam counts in my opinion. Why? Because this is a series about magic, mayhem and has some of the most interesting concepts about fantasy in DC comics. Billy Batson is completely different to his original iteration, gone is the happy go lucky Billy  Batson who always looked on the bright side of life, he has been replaced with a Billy who has no respect or love for  anyone around him. With the New 52 iteration, Billy’s journey to mystical  avatar is fantastic. When he finally becomes Shazam there is a wonderful moment when he realises he is superhuman. Even with  his  inexperience Billy is clearly one of the most powerful magical beings around the DC Nation and that is saying a lot.

3. Kelsier

Kelsier, The Survivor Of Hathsin.

Fantasy Series: Mistborn

Kelsier is the rogue who everyone loves(well above Vin, the  other main protagonist). With his devil may care attitude and his charm that just wins everyone over to his side Kelsier is the coolest character in Mistborn and has the most impact on the series. Kelsier has a  fantastic and nuanced history. Known as the Survivor of Hathsin, Kelsier has seen unbelievable tragedy in his life and has somehow come out stronger. Has it broken him, yes, is he a better man for it? You’re never quite sure sure. Among his harrowing heroics there are some unforgivable moments but that  makes him all the more interesting. As a Mistborn, Kelsier is also a one man army. Capable of taking down dozens of soldiers with  relative ease. Kelsier is among my Top 5 Fantasy Protagonists because of these and many more reasons.

2. Aang

Aang, The Avatar.
Aang, The Avatar.

Fantasy Series: Avatar, The Last Airbender

Avatar Aang is a mystical figure who is one of my all time favourites. He is an absolutely wonderful character, full of heart and humour with enough edge to make him even more interesting. Aang is the last of his people and he is in part to blame for that, also he has to  shoulder the responsibility of the world as well as he is the Avatar, the bridge between the spirit world and the human world. Between fighting armies and generally saving the day Aang is a fantastic character who you want to  win because you know that he deserves to be happy. Surrounded by a wonderful assortment of supporting characters Aang shines above  them because of his brilliant attitude towards life. Aang’s humour above all else is why he is part of My Top 5 Fantasy Protagonists, the Avatar State doesn’t hurt his chances either.

1. Rand Al’Thor

Rand Al'Thor, an image drawn by Irish artist Ben Hennessy.
Rand Al’Thor, an image drawn by Irish artist Ben Hennessy.

Fantasy Series: Wheel  Of Time

The Dragon Reborn, The Cara’carn, Shadowkiller, The Coramoor. Rand Al’Thor has many titles, and he is my  absolute  favourite fantasy character of all time. He has unbelievable depth and character. Between his emotional journey coming to terms with his place in the grand scheme of his  world to the continuing onslaught of psychological damage that is thrust upon him from his enemies and his messed up memories. Rand has some of the most memorable moments in the entire series,  including incredible battles and wonderful emotional moments with his friends. Rand is a great character and is my number one. I’m such a huge  fan of Rand that I even got a  commission by Irish artist Ben Hennessy (you can see Ben’s blog here). It now resides above my fireplace in my sitting room and I couldn’t be happier.

There it is, my Top 5 Fantasy Protagonists. What do you think? Who are your favourite fantasy characters? Comment below and let us know.

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