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Agents of Geek TV – Super Bowl Ads, Neil Gaiman, Jesse Eisenberg

Here is our inaugural episode of Agents of Geek TV with  me, your host, Mike Sangregorio. In this weeks episode we talk about some of the latest in geek culture – Superbowl Ads, Neil Gaiman and Jesse Eisenberg‘s casting in Man of Steel 2.

Watch the full video of Neil Gaiman reading Green Eggs and Ham here.


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The Author

Mike Sangregorio

Mike Sangregorio

Mike is the host of Agents of Geek TV, a voice actor, writer, comedian, pro wrestling enthusiast, and a certified geek! Born and raised in the state of New Jersey, Mike is a proud member of the Agents of Geek and is here to host his way into all of your internets! Chris Hardwick be warned!

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