Check Out the STAR WARS: REBELS New Teaser Trailer!

More news is coming out about Star Wars: Rebels to heighten our excitement for the new animated series.

“To ignite a rebellion, all it takes is a single spark.” Those fateful words open this early look at Star Wars Rebels, in which new character Ezra is shown walking the plains of Lothal and launching a projectile at the pilot of a downed fighter. Also seen is a striking, orange, familiar-looking insignia…

Star Wars Rebels 1

The storyline of Star Wars: Rebels takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Order 66 is in full effect and the Empire forged by Darth Sidious is tightening its grip on the galaxy. With the new regime change, and the livelihood of the civilians under threat, a brave few choose to stand up and rebel against the barrage of Stormtroopers and TIE Fighters.

Star Wars: Rebels is scheduled to premiere sometime this fall (2014) as a one-hour special on the Disney Channel and will continue to broadcast its episodes on Disney XD.


Hooray, one of the highest anticipated shows is going to air on a channel a lot of us don’t have. Though unlikely (because Star Wars has much bigger following than most other fandoms), let’s hope it doesn’t suffer the same lack of viewership as Tron: Uprising.

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