FLARE – Win a Signed First Print Copy of the Superhero Novel

We at Agents of Geek are pleased to announce a competition for the first print of superhero novel Flare. Written by Irish author Patrick Lennon, cover art by Ben Hennessy and design work by Miriam Abuin. Flare is a superhero novel with a difference. Read the synopsis below and then check out our competition to pick up a signed first print copy of Flare.


It’s time for new Heroes.

Ryan Curtis is an almost average teenager. There’s just one small problem: his  parents are superheroes.

Ryan just wants to be normal but instead his family life is full of danger, excitement and action, but then the tragic actions of a demented scientist means he has to go into hiding.

Now he’s being chased across the world by a secret organisation which really wants to harvest his organs. He’s tire, lonely and needs help, but all he has for support is a nineteen year old woman with  serious anger management issues and an eccentric Japanese inventor. Now  they have to team up, defeat the bad guys and save the world. If only  it were  that simple.

If you’ve ever  thought: “The world needs a novel  where a teenage girl throws grenades at monsters., then you’re in for a treat!

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Enter to win Flare today!

Our contest will go up on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. Retweet, like and plus and share and we will choose the lucky winner from there.Check out Paddy Lennon at and on Twitter. Check out Ben Hennesy at

The Author

Graham Day

Graham Day

I am a geek first and foremost. I love animation, film and comics. I live in Dublin, Ireland and love it. I have met so many amazing people over the years, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Mark Millar and Scott Snyder to name but a few. I love to sketch, write and talk about geek news. I went to college for five years, three years animation and two years communication and media. All opinions are my own so I hope they're witty and original, I'm fairly certain they're not.

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