JUSTIFIED – Episode 5.5 “Shot All To Hell” Recap

We are nearly to the halfway point of the penultimate season of Justified. Season 5 has really taken its time getting started, but like a slow, rolling boil, things are finally starting to move along quite nicely. This weeks fifth entry into what is now shaping up to be a fantastic season 5 put the pedal to the floor, with nary a moment letting up. Plot lines are starting to come together very nicely, and this season is certainly shaping up for a huge payoff and finish. “Shot All To Hell” is Boyd Crowder’s crowning episode, and the great Walton Goggins does not disappoint.

Again this week Raylan all but takes a back seat to all the other ongoings around Harlan County, and also in Harlan’s now seemingly sister-city, Detroit. With Art having gone up north in search of information on the murders Sammy Tonin and Nicky Augustine, Raylan is mostly MIA from the action this week, save for a couple of scenes. What we do get, however, is Boyd Crowder coming of age as the next great drug lord/kingpin of Harlan and it’s surrounding areas. He’s always had the aspiration, but has struggled to get his footing. This week Boyd finally makes headway on getting Ava out of jail (a problem soon arises, however), and he also manages to tie up the still-living Lee Paxton loose end, and also that of Harlan County recently paid-off, but still current, Sheriff Nick Mooney. Boyd then makes a bargain for Cousin Johnny’s return with southern marijuana kingpin Hot Rod Dunham, only to have Dunham’s men pull the old double switcheroo and side with Cousin Johnny. And Boyd is looking to get cozy with the Mexican cartel and get into the black tar heroin business. Oh, and did I mention Boyd also has his first face-to-face with Michael Rappaport’s Daryl Crowe? All in all, not a bad week for Boyd Crowder.


Raylan’s boss Art arrives in Detroit, and he then goes head-on into one of the best scenes Justified has ever produced. Art arrives at a local diner that has Wynn Duffie and company strategizing over a meal, all the while being watched by a Canadian hitman, played by the always-great Alan Tudyk. Art first confronts the hitman, then enters the diner and confronts Duffie and the gang, before finally being confronted by Tudyk’s hitman. A tense scene plays out in which we just aren’t sure if there’s going to be a shootout ans subsequent bloodbath, or if anyone will leave the diner alive. In the end, cooler heads prevail, Art has one Canadian mobster in custody, and he returns to Harlan for questioning.

Raylan then confronts Art and his prisoner Mr. Picker, and they are able to get him to give up the hitmans details, and his name is Elias Marcos. Upon arriving at and searching the premises described to them by Picker, Marcos opens fire on Art and Raylan, and is seemingly shot and killed by Raylan, but not until he discharges a giant automatic assault weapon on both men. In the end to a very fun scene and to another great episode of Justified, we find elusive crime-boss Theo Tonin hidden away in a storage container, having suffered an errant gunshot wound. And surprisingly, the final scene of the episode gives us a Raylan Givens coming clean to Art about his involvement in Nicky Augustine’s murder.

Another fantastic outing for Justified this week. What say you, fans? Let’s discuss in the comments section!

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