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Agents of Geek TV, Issue 5 – GOTHAM, Naughty Dog, and Sam Raimi

Agents of Geek TV, recapping all of last week’s headlines so you don’t have to

Another Agents of Geek TV is here, and we’ve got some movie news, tv news, and video game news all in one geeky, headliney news package! Gotham‘s Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle has been cast, Naughty Dog execs respond to Amy Hennig’s departure, and Sam Raimi is attached to The Last of Us movie adaptation!

Renee Montoya Gotham Agents of Geek TV Issue 5

Which other citizen would you like to see eventually make an appearance on NBC’s Gotham? (Editor’s note: Renee Montoya! Timeline be damned!) And what exactly do you think Sam Raimi’s level of involvement will be? Will he and company be mere producers, or will he step up as director? Honestly, given his horror background, this would be his playground. Let us know in the comments below.

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