Best Picture Nominees Sing in Oscar Season: The Musical

What would this year’s Best Picture nominees be like as a Broadway musical? Let Oscar Season: The Musical show you!

The talented crew of Wayside Creations (Fallout: Nuka Break) has turned this year’s Best Picture nominees into a 6-minute long musical number. In collaboration with YouTuber Katie Wilson and filmed at YouTube LA Space, Wayside Creations’ parody short includes musical numbers inspired by The Wolf of Wall Street, Gravity, and American Hustle. The 2014 Best Picture films are dark and drama heavy, so it’s refreshing to see the nominees represented with comedic twist. How exactly does Wayside cover 12 Years A Slave in a song? You’ll have to watch to find out. If you need a last minute recap of the Best Pictures before watching the Academy Awards tonight, then don’t miss Oscar Season: The Musical!


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Brittany Sandler

Brittany Sandler

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