GeekStarter – MILES – a Sci-Fi short by Oliver Daly

Miles is a cool sci-fi short film by Oliver Daly. The project has only 18 days to go to reach it’s goal of $40,000. They’ve raised over $30,000, and could use your help to get them to their goal.

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Miles is a movie about blurring the boundaries between humanity and technology, set in the off-roading world of Central California.

Project Description:

Miles, a teenage dirt bike rider has stumbled upon Max, an infant specimen of the most advanced military creation in history. The creature quickly develops into something highly intelligent and nearly unstoppable.  

Soon, Miles discovers that Max’s species was developed in absolute secrecy as a breed of remotely controllable beasts, genetically engineered to replace American soldiers on the front lines, and kill remorselessly. As Max becomes less conspicuous and as their bond grows stronger, Miles is forced to make decisions that will affect not only his life but those he cares about. 

Watch the Miles project trailer below:

 Check out the poster:


Visit the project page for more details and to become a backer.

Connect with Miles on InstagramFacebookTumblr, and Twitter 

Reach out via email – inquiries@miles-movie.com


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