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Dark Horse Comics Releasing Venture Bros. Art Book

Seems lately comic book companies have embraced properties from Cartoon Network and [adult swim]. We’ve gotten plenty of Adventure Time and Regular Show from KaBoom Studios, IDW has given us Black Dynamite, and now Dark Horse Comics is set to bring us some Venture love this October.


It was mentioned back at San Diego Comic-Con last year, but formally announced yesterday: “The Art of Venture Bros.” will be available this coming October 22nd (2 days after my birthday)! The book will be a coffee table-type and is set to include all sorts of Venture goodies. Original artwork, character designs, storyboards, background art, and much more. Of course, (as with everything Venture), sounds to have the love and care of our fearless AstroBase leaders, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.

To top it all off, the foreword is written by none other than comedian, geek extraordinaire, and everyone’s favorite hot dog-loving Heartshe, Patton Oswalt. You can pre-order “The Art of Venture Bros” TODAY at More than likely there will be a digital version as well, but let’s be honest, you want the real deal to hang on your shelf.

We’ll have more info on the book as it becomes available. I for one can’t wait to read it… 2 days after my birthday. 😀


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John J. Galbo

John J. Galbo

New York-based John J. is Contributing Editor for Agents of Geek. He is also Creator/Chief Operating Officer of [adult swim] central and co-founder of ACPN.
He co-hosts The Swimcast and Adventure Club Podcast, among others.

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