GAME OF THRONES Cosplay brings Drogo and Daenerys to Life

Game of Thrones is already putting fans into a tizzy and it’s only been back for two weeks. This Game of Thrones cosplay will surely increase your excitement. The cosplay features some intricate costumes and a beautiful locale to bring Drogo and Daenerys to life for their wedding ceremony. The photos were shot in Laguna Beach, California, and feature cosplayers René Koiter as Drogo and  Rebecca Watts  as Daenerys.

Keep reading to check out some of the awesome Game of Thrones cosplay photos from the shoot.



 Here are links to the amazing team that put this shoot together:

Kenneth Pfeifer –
Patrick Eger –
Alexa Pilato –

Model & Costume: Rebecca Watts –

Model: René Koiter –
Costume: Nora Holley –
Additional Costuming: Jessica Dru Johnson –
Physical Conditioning: East Coast West Coast –

Steven Dwyer –
Marishka Bekeshka –

Celeste Aviva Elson –

Nora Holley –

Cosplay is one of the coolest parts of fandom for me. While I could never pull off some of these costumes, it is awesome to see characters brought to life. These photos are fantastic and the costumes are superb. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: GeeksareSexy

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