It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This Zelda Hoodie

Zelda heart smallLike in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, the weather around here has become rather erratic and just plain unseasonal. Why just the other day, the Southeast experienced some much needed spring/summer weather. Happening literally overnight, the weather decides to give it the cold shoulder. Temperatures in South Carolina dropped from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 60. Atlanta had a snow warning. Not cool, Mother Nature! On the bright side, it looks like hoodies are still in season. On an even brighter side, Gamer Heaven has a Zelda hoodie just for the ladies.

While we wait for the legendary hero of Hyrule to collect all eight Essences of Nature, Gamer Heaven is coming out with a hoodie every lady Zelda fan will want to add to their ever expanding inventory.  We ladies will be able to kick butt and save the land of Holodrum from the evil General Onox, all while fending off the residual stings of winter. Note the grandiose Hylian Crest sewn on the back, the handy zip-up feature, the roomy pockets in the front, and the modest use of the chevron pattern.

Zelda Hoodie
The Legend of Zelda Ladies Zip up Official Hoodie
This hoodie isn’t available until May 2014, but you can pre-order right now at Gamer Heaven for $60.44.

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