MARVEL Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Review

It had been tough going with reading comic books in the last decade, with dozens of different X-Men and Avengers titles, not to mention crossovers that require you to buy every title on the rack, I’d have to get an extra job and sell one of my kidneys just to catch up with everything. Thanks to services like Marvel Unlimited, I’ve been able to dive back into the Marvel Universe and visit storylines I missed out on and follow the creators I like. Marvel has such a massive history and library of characters that still play a role in the grand scheme of things, the Marvel Encyclopedia is a no-brainer for referencing obscure characters and keeping track of events that have played a big role in shaping Marvel’s Universe as we know it today.

Marvel is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary this year and it’s perfect timing for their revised encyclopedia that’s been updated and expanded with 32 extra pages, that covers more than 1,200 characters. Do you need to be brought to speed on Fear Itself or Marvel Now? Sure you can do some research on the web, but trust me when I tell you that it’s just not the same as having this gorgeously illustrated book in your hands. Some of the lesser known characters that you’re interested in knowing more about might only get a few paragraphs, while Spider-Man gets a six page spread covering everythig from his humble beginnings, to Future Foundation and Superior Spider-Man, but really these pages are just incentive to dive in and experience it for yourself. I was thrilled to see recent additions like Kamala Khan included in this book, who’s not only proof of Marvel’s bold progress, but an achievement in sincerely provocative storytelling and a milestone in the comic book medium.


The cover art by Mike Deaodato Jr. really pops, you also get a great foreword by Ralph Macchio (the editor/writer not Daniel LaRusso) and a worthy introduction from Stan Lee. With a reasonable forty dollar price tag, this book can be a valuable asset and an awesome addition to your Marvel library. You might be out of luck if you need to check stats on a rarity like Midnight Sun but for the most part you’ll be thankful to have this on your bookshelf.

Have you checked out the Marvel Encyclopedia?

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