SHAZAM – The Movie DC Comics Has to Make

Everyone knows that Warner Bros have stated that they will announce a new series of  DC movies. What we don’t know is what series of comics the movies will be based  on. There are one or two rumors floating around, a possible reboot of the Green Lantern movie with David S. Goyer is one of the potential movies(and it could be decent if given the right treatment). Then there is also the news that Dwayne Johnson is going to be in a DC movie in an unspecified role, although all evidence seems to be pointing to him taking on the role of John Stewart in a new Green Lantern movie or as a cameo in the Man Of Steel sequel.

I’m here however to tell you the movie DC and Warner Bros should announce.

The comic movie that could help establish the DC movies as their own and not just as movies trying to replicate the Avengers formula. If  Warner Bros and DC take a chance and announce a movie franchise for the comic I am about to announce, then I think they could be on to something great. The DC comic I am talking about is of course, Shazam. That’s right Shazam, the ten year old boy who gains God-like powers from an ancient wizard.

Pre 52 Shazam was known as Captain Marvel and was a pretty hit or miss character. In some stories he was fantastic, in particular any story that dealt with his evil predecessor Black Adam, at other times he came off as a naive fool with some of the worst dialogue you’ve ever read.Then the DC event Flashpoint happened and nothing was ever the same again for Billy Batson aka Shazam. When the New 52 began there was a lot of retooling and one of the characters to get a  new origin was Billy and boy was it different.

Gone was the naive boy who saw the  good in everything, in his place was a distrustful, arrogant jerk  who cared  for no one except for a tiger at zoo  which is pretty cool but when his adopted family is in danger he springs to action. When Billy is selected by the wizard to see if he is eligible we find out that he is  not worthy, far from it, actually the wizard is looking for a perfect human being. This hits a nerve with Billy who explains there is no such human being, this surprises the wizard who decides Billy is the best he’s going to get so he bestows all his powers to him and then dies. This comic is amazing, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, two of the greatest talents DC has right are on hand to tell the story and it’s superb. Pick it up and you’ll fall in love  with everything about this series.


You can already see that this is the perfect set up for  a movie series. From the personal journey of Billy  Batson and his adopted family to the villains, seriously Black Adam is one of the most deadly and complicated DC characters, this has the potential to be one of the most endearing and intense comic movies in recent history. Also with Shazam in the DC Cinematic Universe magic would be on the cards in the rest of the movies. It also gives Warner Bros a one up on Marvel because for all the great things they have  done Marvel still hasn’t tackled the M word and no I don’t mean mutants, they already dealt with that.

I am talking about magic, when Thor was introduced we were given an alien origin for the Norse God and at the time I was happy with that but as the movies have gone on I wish they had just said he’s a God, because now we’re going  to have to wait until Marvels Phase 3 when they introduce Doctor Strange officially. If DC introduce Shazam they will have magic, a relatable hero  that will hit all demographics and a character that can go toe to toe with Superman, wouldn’t that be an awesome scene in a future DC movie?

Well there you have it. My thoughts on the imminent DC movie announcement, what do you think? Any thoughts of your own, any characters you’d like to see on the big screen to coincide with the future Justice League movie?

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Graham Day

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