Why We’d Love Samuel L Jackson to return for DIE HARD 6

Could Samuel L Jackson be returning for Die Hard 6? Rumors have hit the interwebs that Samuel L Jackson could reprise the role of Zeus Carver from Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

Latino Review’s Elmayimbe tweeted the following via Nerdist:



Even though Die Hard 5 was the worst installment in the franchise (in my opinion) it pulled in a respectable $300 million at the box office. Fox is apparently working over time to get the sixth film into theaters. I would love to see Jackson back alongside Bruce Willis‘ John McClane. Die Hard 3 was my favorite Die Hard film aside from the original. I decided to put together a list of why we’d love to have Samuel L Jackson return for Die Hard 3.

1. The dynamic between Jackson and Willis is awesome

2. Jackson’s Carver is one of the few people that could get away with talking back to McClane. 

3. He knows how to hotwire a car.

4. He is a great to have along for car rides.

Would you like Samuel L Jackson to return for Die Hard 6?

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