Amazing STAR WARS art by Raymond Swanland

Check out this amazing Star Wars art by Raymond Swanland. If you’re a fan of Star Wars you need to check these pieces out.

The pieces are called Machines of Domination and Through the Fire respectively. You can check out more of Swanland’s work here. i love the use of muted colors and

Artist Bio:

Ever since I can remember, I was one of those kids with some tool to draw with in my hands. Mythical creatures, robots and, of course, dinosaurs were strewn, in one form or another, all over my room… and marched across my walls. I never really thought I would be exploring that same world of symbolism and imagination as I grew into an adult. But as fate would have it, I’ve had the tremendous fortune to turn my passion into a living through creating artwork for novels, video games, and feature films.

Machines of Domination


Through the Fire


What do you think of Swanland’s Star Wars Art?

Source: Xombiedirge

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