Ben Affleck Shows Off Batman’s New Threads

Yesterday (May 12), Zack Snyder teased that he would reveal the legendary Batmobile today. Well he did. He pulled back the tarp and revealed most of it in all it’s preview-y glory. What he didn’t mention is that he’d be including its driver. That’s right. In this black and white picture taken from Snyder’s Leica M camera (lucky bastard), we can see Ben Affleck wearing in the new Batman suit.

Ben Affleck Batman

First the car. It looks to be a cross breed of the classic Tim Burton car and the Nolan tank. A happy medium? Seems that way. Kind of smallish, though. Furthermore, the edges look so sharp, you can probably cut yourself by looking at for much longer. Bottom line, it looks super cool.

Now on to the Bat-suit. Are those veins? Did Batman ‘roid up for this movie? It’s probably not those kind of veins, which would be akin to the atrocious and completely unnecessary Bat-nipples from the Schumacher days. However, there could be creases or ridges that may compliment Superman’s suit from what we’ve seen in Man of Steel. But you know what this suit reminds us of the most? This black and white statue of Frank Miller’s Batman from The Dark Knight Returns.

Frank Miller Batman

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