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Pre-Upfront News: New Venture Bros. Special

Even more Upfront news has been thrown out to us this morning. Titmouse is partnering up with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick to bring us another awesome Venture Bros. special later this year. Here’s the haps:

THE VENTURE BROS. SPECIAL – Space. The final frontier, where no one can hear you scream, revenge is only served cold, and the drinks are comped in the casino. Join the Ventures–and pretty much everyone they’ve ever crossed paths with–as they rocket to the Gargantua-2 space station for an epic, hour-long adventure that will change the Ventureverse as we know it forever. Created and directed by Jackson Publick and written by Publick and Doc Hammer, both of whom also provide voices for the special, The Venture Bros. Special is being animated by Titmouse, Inc. The half-hour animated special premieres on Adult Swim later this year.

If I had to speculate, this seems like it’s going to bridge seasons 5 and 6 together. Remember, at the beginning of S5, Jonas Jr. was hard at work on Gargantua-2 and needed Rusty’s help (which lead to Project: Palaemon  (and we haven’t heard anything since).


Stay tuned for more Pre-Upfront news from us as we get it. Also, check out the current scoreboard over at Variety and if you want to, chat about everything over at our new forums.


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