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Matty Collector Releasing Robot Chicken-themed “Baby Skeletor”

With San Diego Comic-Con rapidly approaching, it’s always interesting to see what little tidbits of merchandise news leak out beforehand. If you’re a toy collector, like I am (FYI: I have a replica hoverboard and ghost trap. Nothing too fancy), you’ll know about Matty Collector. For those who don’t, they’re part of toy company, Mattel, who specifically make overpriced collectible goodies like the two I mentioned previous.

This afternoon, Matty Collector announced they will be producing a one of a kind, He-Man: Baby Skeletor figure. If it’s not making much sense to you, you probably didn’t see the Robot Chicken sketch. Probably one of their more memorable ones in recent seasons, it involved He-Man villain Skeletor using his magic to turn himself and henchman Beast-Man into babies, thus allowing them to infiltrate Eternia’s day care section. The skit eventually turns into typical RC running gags, where Skeletor gets in trouble for pushing the babies around, thus earning him spankings from the Eternian nanny, which as an adult he enjoys. Ultimately, this leads in a plot twist (WHAT A TWEEST)!

This isn’t the first time Mattel has designed a Robot Chicken-based figure. Back in 2010, they created a “Skeletor vs Mo-Larr” figure set for SDCC. Here are some deets on the Baby Skeletor figure:

This treacherous toddler measures 12” tall and arrives ready for naptime and other nefarious activities with his evil royal potty, a removable “Born to Rule” t-shirt, and a Havoc Staff rattle.

The Baby Skeletor figure will be made available for order starting on June 16th (June 12th for “Early Subscribers”). Check out for all the information.

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