WE ARE THE BEST Movie Review

We Are The Best is one of the most authentic and endearing films I have seen this year. It captures the essence of the 80’s – from the music, to the clothing and everything in between. The nostalgic film stars Liv Lemoyne, Mira Barkhammar, and Mira Grosin in the leads.

Directed by Lukas Moodysson from a script he wrote based on a comic book by his wife Coco. The story loosely based on Coco’s life, wiht Bobo (Barkhammar)presumably her as a teen. It follows Bobo and Klara (Grosin) as they form a punk band on a whim after being bullied by a group of boys in a local rock band. The reality is that they are considered outcasts by their classmates and to an extent by their familes.

After realizing neither of them have an ounce of musical ability they recruit Hedvig (LeMoyne) after seeing her play guitar at the school talent show. They realize that Hedvig is also an outcast and decide to invite her to join their band. While Bobo and Klara dress and act like punk teens, Hedvig is the exact opposite. Hedvig starts off being very reserved, but is given a Punk makeover with the help of a home haircut by Klara and Bobo.


In the hopes of becoming edgier and to prepare for an upcoming Battle of the Bands, they reach out to two local boys who are also in a Punk band. Klara and Bobo soon fall for Elis (Jonathan Salomonsson), the drummer of the band. Klara is much more outspoken in everything she does and pursues Ellis, and quickly becomes his girlfriend much to the shegrin of Bobo. She decides to pursue Elis behind Klara’s back, which is one of the quickest ways to break up a band and a friendship.

I give We Are The Best a 5 out of 5. Having grown up in the 80’s I could relate to the characters, as a fan of music I could relate to the idea of starting a band (what kid didn’t want to). Click play above to listen to my thoughts on this heartwarming film that will strike a chord with audiences of all ages.

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