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Entertainment Earth Reveals its Venture Bros Exclusives for SDCC

Summer’s here in about 2 days, which means we’re coming closer to the big Comic-Con International in San Diego, Cali. That being said, our friends over at Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow have revealed this year’s big Venture Bros. merch exclusives:

BBP09108ALTlgFirst up, a brand new version of an old classic. Two years ago, we got the original Brock Samson in his black shirt, with an exclusive ringer-tee variant. Last year, SDCC had “Naked Brock” from the episode “Victor. Echo. November.” This version of the Swedish Murder Machine has an open wound going across his chest, and bloody hands. Personally, I’d rather see something other than Brock (I.e.: H.E.L.P.eR., Dr. Killinger, Augustus St. Cloud, Billy, White, anyone that ISN’T Brock. Something new that I could add to the old Swim Shrine). But still awesome. Even the new backing cards look G.I. Joe-esque and bad-ass. Priced at $14.99


Second, a 6-pack of Shot Glassess. BBP has been pretty cool at releasing both figures as well as drinkware. There are already mugs and glassware (that change color)! This set features the 6 main characters on the show: Hank and Dean, Brock, Rusty, The Monarch, and Dr. Girlfriend. Each glass holds about 2 ounces, so plenty of fun can be had with your drinking buddies… maybe even start your own VB drinking game? The set is priced at $24.99 and is limited to 798 sets. So get them while you can!

You can pre-order the figure and shot glasses now at Entertainment Earth. Otherwise, if you’re headed to SDCC, you can pick them up LIVE at Booth #2343. We’ll also have more info about Swim events, etc. at the con in the near future. Stay tuned.



Source: Venture Bros Blog.





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