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Space Dandy Mini Marathon to Air July 5th With Season 2 Premiere

As reported by, Space Dandy Season 2 will premiere on Saturday Night, July 5th at 12:30 AM. It was also announced that Toonami will be playing a mini marathon of Space Dandy Season 1 episodes starting at 11:30 PM and both Attack On Titan and Bleach will take a rest for the night. Here is the official schedule for July 5th as posted on the official Toonami tumblr:

11:30p – Space Dandy 12 – Long Open (Attack on Titan returns July 12)
12:00a – Space Dandy 13 – Short Open (Bleach returns July 12)
12:30a – Space Dandy 14 – PREMIERE – Long Open
01:00a – Naruto Shippuden
01:30a – One Piece
02:00a – Blue Exorcist
02:30a – Black Lagoon
03:00a – Beware the Batman
03:30a – Uncut Naruto
04:00a – Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
04:30a – Samurai Jack
05:00a – Star Wars: The Clone Wars
05:30a – Sym-Bionic Titan

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