THE AMERICANS: The Complete First Season Blu-Ray Review

FX is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to their dramas and The Americans is another excellent example of that. The series centers around the lives of two KGB deep cover operatives living as normal American citizens during the Cold War. Elizabeth  (Keri Russell) and Phillip (Matthey Rhys) were paired up in Russia by their superiors and subsequently sent to the United States as a married couple, which is the basis of their cover.

Over the years the couple further established their characters by having children who were under no obligation to the Russian secret service, creating a sense of plausible deniability, and starting a travel agency. The latter has its obvious perks. There were several occasions over the course of the first season where one or both of the leads were tasked by their handler with objectives that required travel.

The tension begins to amp up when they discover that their new neighbor, Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich), is a CIA agent. This presents an unusual situation for the Jennings and a subtle game of push and pull commences. With the stakes higher than ever, they need any advantage they can get and Stan turns out to be an unlikely ally in many ways. Even though he spends most of his time searching for illegals, he can’t help but be fooled by the facade the Jennings have crafted.

There’s something very nostalgic about the show for a lot of viewers. The production team has created a series that looks and feels extremely authentic. Between the wardrobe, props, and muted tones, The Americans is the real deal. The series explores so much more than just the eccentricities of espionage. The internal battles that are constantly being presented within all the characters adds a crucial layer to the material that makes¬†The Americans must see TV.


The complete first season of The Americans is available on Blu-ray and offers fans a decent number of special features including:

  • Commentary on “The Colonel” with Joseph Weisberg, Joel Fields and Noah Emmerich
  • Deleted scenes
  • Gag reel
  • ‘Executive order 2579: exposing The Americans‘ Feauturette
  • ‘Ingenuity Over Technology’ Feauturette
  • ‘Perfecting the Art of Espionage’ Featurette

Although the commentary is limited to a single episode, it really ties together the entire special features section. Additionally, the featurettes give viewers a lot of extra information about the series – background, behind the scenes, educational tidbits, etc. – without being redundant (which is one of the biggest offenses most blu-rays makes).

Fans of The Americans can relive season one over and over on this all-inclusive Blu-ray, available here.

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