We Could Watch ARROW Star Stephen Amell Work Out All Day

UPDATE: There’s a third workout video!

ORIGINAL STORY: Stephen Amell, star of CW’s superhero series, Arrow, got crazy ripped to become the titular character. Many, many women squee’d with delight upon first seeing his climbing the salmon ladder. And no doubt you will agree that just thinking about it now requires a fan to the face.

According to Amell’s Facebook page, they start shooting Season Three in 22 days. If you’re already internet stalking this guy, then you know how often he updates us on his progress in…just about everything fun thing he’s doing. Of course he’s going to give us updates on his workouts. So far, he has uploaded two videos on his YouTube page. God bless this beautiful man.

Now all we need is a 10-hour loop of him going up and down the salmon ladder.

Stephen Amell sharpens his freerunning skills at Tempest Freerunning in LA, in case you’re curious. Does anyone else feeling like working out after watching these two videos? And I hate running.

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