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The first DLC for Dark Souls 2 has arrived. Crown of the Sunken King, sees players navigating a complex underground cavern full of secrets, ziggurats, new items and spells, and of course, new bosses. Accessible through the Black Gulch, this new area  provides roughly 5 hours of new playtime for the price of $10. A totally sweet touch is the ability to summon players, who haven’t purchased the DLC, as white phantoms to aid in your quest, which allows people to experience the add-on. It a fair way to decide if they want to purchase it.

Crown of the Sunken King is definitely a welcome addition to Dark Souls 2. Challenging and full of intricate areas, the add-on feels very much like a mini Souls game. Players will find themselves exploring ruins filled with hidden passages, dangerous enemies (one type of which my friend dubbed “Demonsaurs“), and switches aplenty.


Developer From Software also took the time to develop some cool areas. You’ll see some rather beautiful vistas and interesting sights of the ruins, if you take the time to look. One high point has a couple of torches to light the area overlooking the entire ruined city. The DLC is filled with twists and turns, and many opportunities for players to easily fall off of cliffs if they are not careful. This, combined with the many difficult enemies and other dangers–such as spikes, poison, and spooky ghosts–combine to create an almost oppressive sense of danger. Added with the fact almost half of the bonfires (areas players can rest and respawn) are hidden, this DLC can be quite difficult, which is part of the fun of the Souls series.

There are three new boss fights to take on as well, with the last one being particularly memorable. The second to last battle is also quite enjoyable, a challenging fight that feels like what the bit-of-a-letdown Nashandra should have been. After finishing the DLC, players will be rewarded with the titular Crown, as well as new boss souls to turn into powerful new weapons.

As someone who has played Demon’s Souls as well as both Dark Souls games, I would definitely recommend Crown of the Sunken King.

What do you think of the Dark Souls 2 DLC?

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