DEADPOOL Test Footage Pops Up, Fans’ Mouths Frothing

Update: Well, looks like Fox has already taken down the video. Thankfully io9 uploaded the video in-house. For now, you can watch it on their site.

We’ve been loosely hanging onto the idea that one day, someone will make a movie that does right by Deadpool after Fox’s tragic attempt in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Our hopes were raised a little when comic book writer Rob Liefeld mentioned the existence of test footage put together by director Tim Miller. Reprising his role as Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds voices the CG animated Merc with a Mouth. Clearly, this man was born to play this role. So stop jerking him around, Fox!

A version of said footage made its way onto the internet somehow, giving us an idea of what could be if Deadpool ever makes it out of limbo. Don’t ask us why it’s animated. Our best guess is that this was made just to gain interest with the studio and producers. One doesn’t need to hire actors and cause fake mayhem for real when you can just do it on the computer.

We have no idea if this leak was intentional or accidental, or what. What we DO know is that if Fox keeps twiddling their thumbs and dangling this movie over an audience who is insanely interested a solo movie, they should just give it back to Marvel now. Y’know? At this point, I don’t think anyone would even care all that much if he has to show up as part of a team. Fans just want the real Deadpool, with Ryan Reynolds starring.

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