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PS Plus: August Games Look Good, FEZ and DRAGON’S CROWN

The PlayStation Blog announced the games for PS Plus coming up for August. Starting on the first of the month, PS Plus members can download FEZ (PS4, PS3, PS Vita), Road Not Taken (PS4), Proteus (PS3, PS4), Dragon’s Crown (PS Vita, PS3), Metrico (PS Vita),  and Crysis 3 (PS3). A few of these games offer cross-platform, also if you don’t have all the consoles, you can still download the games from the PlayStation Store–do it from your phone.

In the world of FEZ, Gomez is a 2D being living in what he and town folk believe to be a 2D world. Then an old man brings up the existence of a secret…a world that is more than what you see. FEZ is a puzzle platformer of perfecting the 2D/3D game mechanic that is used in this game, and great mix of nostalgia. Always cryptic, ready your pen and paper, this game will have you both very relaxed due to it’s fantastic soundtrack and looking for secrets in every bit of media that is related to FEZ.


This roguelike puzzle game, Road Not Taken, has you taking control of a ranger exploring a vast forest after a horrible winter storm has occured. You are out to save children who have lost their way, in an ever changing world due to the randomly generated level system. Your actions reflect not only the story, but the villagers you are trying to befriend and the town you reside in.

Proteus is a game that fully relies on it’s immersion and exploration of the landscape. The dream-like world you explore has an interesting feel, and the soundtrack, like FEZ, is interesting due to it being created entirely by your surroundings. The main focus in this game is your presence and how you observe the world around you.

Dragon’s Crown is a multiplayer hack and slash beat ’em up, with a very interesting art style. A design built around cooperative play and intense boss fights that will leave you in awe. Despite the flack this game received due to its artistic design of the game’s sorceress character, and the response from the games character designer. The game is worth checking out, especially for free!


Metrico has you immersed in a world of infographics that is ever evolving with your movement, and input. An inviting game of experimentation, exploration, and a test of your skills to think outside the box.

Crytek’s popular Crysis series is back for more sandbox shooter fun. Adapting, finding new ways to hide, and hunting set in a beautiful world is the biggest draw to the game. If you passed on a Crysis game before, now would be a good time to see what you missed.

Which games interest you the most from August’s selection?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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