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Secret Ending of THE LAST OF US Revealed

UPDATE: A few days after the live event, Creative Director Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to clarify some of the details regarding the secret ending, and Troy Baker posted a picture of Ashley Johnson and himself acting it out.  

ORIGINAL STORY: Last night at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, the principle cast of The Last of Us joined together for a one night only, live performance of select scenes from the game. It was glorious and totally awesome. You can watch the whole event now right here on Agents of Geek. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here, because as the broadcast was ending, Geoff Kieghley and Neil Druckmann asked the audience to stick around for a special surprise.

Druckmann introduced a scene he wrote himself that takes place sometime after the end of the game. The general consensus is saying 4 years later. Performing this scene are the principle duo, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. Druckmann asked that no one record this scene, stressing that it will never be released or revealed in any form. Bummer.

Last of Us One Night Live
This isn’t it, by the way. But it is from one of our favorite scenes.

The epilogue is reportedly Druckmann’s “goodbye” to Joel and Ellie, taking place at Tommy’s dam. According to accounts on Twitter, Joel is talking to Ellie in her room, telling her that Tommy is trying to set him up with a woman named Esther. Meanwhile, Ellie is acting distant towards him, possibly still ruminating over Joel’s lie at the end of the game. Joel catches her interest, however, when he pulls out his guitar and sings. Keep in mind, this is Troy and Ashley performing this tender moment on stage. Joel cracks a joke, and the pair laugh together. Joel leaves the guitar with Ellie as a gift, saying that he’ll teach her one day. Alone now, Ellie sits on her bed and strums a chord. End scene.

A lot of people on Twitter have been saying that this could be a prelude to a possible sequel. Others say it may have been written as a farewell to the characters for good (until the movie comes out). The purpose of the scene, other than to add it on as a special treat for those able to come to the live performance, is anyone’s guess. What we do know is that Ellie holding the guitar evokes Marek Okon’s well known “fan art” that was passed around all over the internet last May. Okon, as you may know, did the conceptual art for The Last of Us.

Ellie playing the guitar

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