TAMMY is the worst comedy of 2014 – Review

When I reviewed Adam Sandler’s Blended a couple months back I thought I had seen the most formulaic, unimaginative, and unfunny movie of the year. Well here comes Melissa McCarthy to challenge Adam Sandler for the title of most unfunny movie of 2014. Tammy is the story of a poor unfortunate woman who loses her job, her husband and her  home all in one day. Deciding to leave her hometown she is partnered up with her grandmother Pearl played unrealistically by Susan Sarandon and hilarity ensues, or at least they hope it will.

Tammy is a very special kind of movie, completely unfunny, full of cliches that Melissa McCarthy has created in her movie career. Remember Bridesmaids and Identity Thief and The Heat, well combine all these characters,  take away charm, any kind of sympathetic connection to the audience and any comedic timing and you get Tammy. Couple all this with Susan Sarandon playing the most unconvincing grandmother in the world and you get something  that is getting really difficult to describe, craptacular comes to mind. The story of Tammy is pretty straight forward Tammy is trying to find herself all the while contending with her alcoholic “grandmother” Pearl.


Tammy and Pearl have an okay relationship but we aren’t given nearly enough information to make it something memorable. As well as that its worrying that the supporting cast in most cases is more interesting and relatable than our leads. Toni Collette an absolutely wonderful actor is relegated to three minor scenes, Sandrah Oh and Kathy Bates are a notable but brief highlight in Tammy and poor Dan Akroyd is given absolutely nothing to work with when he eventually shows up. If there was anything decent in this movie I would have to say it was the slapped on romantic subplot between Tammy and Bobby played by Mark Duplass.

McCarthy is starting to fall into Sandler territory, she had some great movies early in her career but has now started to slip into the comfort zone of playing the same character in all her movies. Tammy when she is nice is actually kind of sweet and fun but this movie is stuck in the aggressive spectrum for so long that you don’t really care when she does show a lighter side to herself. Also something that is worrying me about all recent Melissa McCarthy movies is that she has to have a routine makeover to make her more appealing to the audience as if to say “look she’s more attractive now love her”. Everybody in Tammy deserves better than they get. McCarthy is better than this, Collette is better than this, and Sarandon is definitely better than this and because I know this I felt really bad when I laughed once in the entire movie, maybe. Tammy should not be seen it. It is without a doubt the worst comedy of 2014, dare I say it? Tammy is the worst movie of 2014.

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