The Best Sailor Moon Cosplayers of Connecticon 2014

The amount of Sailor Moon cosplayers I’ve seen at conventions since the 20th anniversary and the announcement of Sailor Moon Crystal have doubled, but that’s not a bad thing. Sailor Moon has so many different outfits and it’s amazing to see so much variation between cosplays of the same character. I attended Connecticon last weekend as original manga Sailor Moon, but I’ll talk about a few of my favorite moonies that attended.

1. Punk Rock Sailor Scouts
Original and enthusiastic, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Tuxedo Mask have never looked tougher. My favorite thing about them is they made their own vests, and they seemed to be having so much fun with it! I spoke to “Punk Sailor Mercury” Kida Morency, and she said her and her crew were inspired by various Tumblr fanart of strong magical girls kicking butt. Kida and Sierna Kinney (Sailor Moon) had been working on their outfits since January. The hardest parts were collecting things to put on their vests and trying to get the spikes just right. Kida said “If you didn’t get the spikes or studs in just right, it was all-out rage inducing!” That’s dedication to a cosplay. Turns out it’s an ongoing project and she plans on adding things to her vest. Hopefully she rocks it next year and I get to see it! Special thanks to Kida Morency (Mercury), Sierna Kinney (Sailor Moon, I also hear she’s great and making Usagi faces!) Phillip Inkle (Punk Tuxedo Mask) Zach Christmas (Melvin/Nerd Kid) and their photographer, Rylie Dexter.

Punk Sailor Scouts

punk_sailor_scouts_32. Wicked Lady
My favorite villian from the original anime is Wicked Lady, Rini’s grown-up evil form. Cosplays of her seem really rare – he’s the only one I’ve ever seen, and he stayed in character REALLY well for photos.

Sailor Moon Cosplay - Wicked Lady3. Queen Serenity
Queens Serenity is always beautiful. Another extremely accurate cosplay, also the dress was INSANELY long. A+ for dealing with that dress and looking stunning!

Sailor Moon Cosplay Queen Serenity4. Sailor Saturn
There were two Sailor Saturns that I really liked, both extremely accurate and very nice. They enthusiastically accepted getting their pictures taken. Sailor Saturn is the soldier of destruction and my favorite Sailor Scout, so I always enjoy seeing her. Sailor Saturn has an EXTREMELY large prop, so I give extra points to anyone that carries that around a convention all day.

Sailor Moon Sailor Saturn Cosplayers

5. Casual Usagi & Friends!
I loved this casual Usagi because she had a really accurate 90’s outfit, and she was as fun and silly as casual Usagi would be! She had an adorable Sailor Moon with her and a perfect Tuxedo Mask. They were all kind and excited, which I noticed is a pattern with Sailor Moon cosplayers.

Sailor Moon Cosplay - Casual Usagi and Friends

6. Group!
Sailor Scouts need each other, they work together as a group and everything gets better! It’s especially exciting when they cosplay together as a group because then you get really cool pictures like this:

Sailor Moon Cosplay - Group

My experience while cosplaying Sailor Moon was great. It was fun to make (I had help from my friend Emily). It was fun to slowly become a magical girl (like Usagi’s transformation sequence, but with a lot more sewing and hot glue), and it put me in a really good mood at the con! The people that took pictures with me always seem excited to see me, even other Sailor Moon cosplayers often wanted photos with me.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Group

Sailor Moon is a strong, positive magical girl and it is an anime that generates a good message. Maybe that’s why Sailor Moon cosplayers are so strong in numbers and so kind to each other! I had the best time I’ve ever had at a convention, and I’d like to thank all these wonderful cosplayers! Comment if you see yourself!

All photos by Keith Jackson, unless otherwise specified on photo.

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