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Top Ten Video Game Glitches and Exploits

Video game glitches and exploits, we’ve all used them or dealt with them. Some are pretty good, while others can be a disaster to a game. Nevertheless, some gamers always seem to be on the look for them. I’ve gone ahead and compiled some of my favorite glitches and exploits into this list! Shout outs to my lovely friends in the Colorado Retro Gamers Community for the help!

10. Infinite Lives – Super Mario Bros.

Getting ready to dominate Super Mario? Well, which game are you playing? No worries, from Super Mario Bros. on the NES, to Super Mario Bros. U, you can use this exploit.

The Exploit: The one in the video, and the one I chose to talk about is fairly easy–did it all the time as a kid. In world 3 level 1 right before the flagpole you when see two koopa troopa’s walking down the steps leading to the flag, go for the second one and have him pop into his shell by jumping on him once he is close to the edge. Then just jump! In fact, you should listen to “Jump” by Kriss Kross while doing this. It makes it more fun to watch Mario/Luigi jump on these guys while that song plays.

09. Walking Through Walls – EarthBound

There are many things that have been said about EarthBound, I’ve personally said a lot, so has HVGN, and Roo, from RetrowareTV. There’s not much more I could possibly say is there?

The Glitch: Well, there’s actually a glitch you can perform, it may not be the coolest, but it sure is goofy! YOU CAN WALK THROUGH WALLS!

How to Perform This Glitch: When one of your party members is inflicted with a status change (I’ve mostly seen this with colds) and you’re walking up stairs, when the status change prompt comes up you can glitch the game. While still on the stairs, go into your menu when the prompt happens, fix the ailment, and voila! You’re now able to explore the entire game (kind of) through this glitch. Technically every place you visit in Earthbound is on one big map, so while you may not be able to see the towns, or areas you’re in, you’ll know where you are with the song changes! Yay!

08. Self-Unlocking Doors – The Legend of Zelda

Is there ever a time where you’re playing The Legend of Zelda and you just don’t want to look for the key needed in a dungeon to move forward? Yeah, me neither. But, if you were looking for something like that this is for you..

The Glitch and How to Perform It: In the first dungeon you can unlock one of the doors by just simply walking in and walking out. Once you step back in, the top door is now open. There, have fun, you know, hoarding keys for some reason.

07. Extra Grenades?! – Resident Evil REmake

Is the Resident Evil REmake just too hard for you? Can you not at all for the life of you figure out how to fight without ammo? Well, you could be a stupid baby who knows nothing… Or, you’re just not used to this tank controlled Resident Evil game. Either way, I got a solution for you (unless you literally are a baby…in which case you can’t read, and this all is a waste of time. Get outta here, ya little scamp!).

The Glitch and How to Perform It: There is a way to get infinite ammo for the grenade launcher. What you’re going to do here is run to an item box, dump everything in your inventory into the box, except your grenade launcher and some rounds. Then, exit the item box, get into your status screen and equip the grenade launcher. After that, go back into the box. After doing this (I know sounds like a ton of steps, but trust me, it’s easy! Even for babies!), if you keep putting the ammo from your equipped weapon into the box, you’ll notice your rounds have doubled. You can do this as much as you want.

06. The Case of Missingno – Pokémon (Red and Blue)

The Missingno glitch is probably one of the most iconic game glitches ever, but what some may not mention is the things that can happen to your game as a result of this glitch. Missingno is technically an error message, and when presented to you in battle, it looks like nothing more than a blob of pixels. Usually people perform this glitch because it replicates the 9th item in your item box. But, it should be warned that this glitch isn’t all good. The downside of Missingno is that it can completely corrupt your save data, which when I was a kid, to say the least, was devastating.

How to Perform the Glitch: Anytime after you’ve gained the ability Fly with a Pokémon, all you have to do is fly to old man who teaches you how to catch pokémon. After talking to the old dude, you then fly to Cinnabar Island. Once there, head over to the gym and perform Surf. Start swimming along the edge by the gym and you will then encounter Missingno. Remember though, this can tamper with your game save file so do it at your own risk. Otherwise enjoy infinity master balls or rare candy!

05. Disappearing Enemies – Rygar, Ninja Gaiden, Ghost N’ Goblins, and Many Other NES Games

Many NES games have an issue, an issue that can be exploited many, many times. This exploit gets rid of enemies, and is sometimes the easiest way to get around a tough section. I’m guilty of using this exploit all the time, especially in Ninja Gaiden, and Ghost N’ Goblins.

How to Perform this Exploit: As you can see in this video Arin (Egoraptor) takes advantage of this exploit. It’s very simple… Have a tough baddie? Screw him, take a step or two back, and poof, he’s gone.

04. The Swing Launcher – Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV was pretty awesome when it was first released. While the story was just alright, the highlight was seeing Liberty City in HD. One of the best things to do in this game is just explore the world laid out for you, aimlessly driving, jumping out of cars, and blowing stuff up. So, the moment you find this glitch, obviously you’re going to take advantage of it.

The Glitch: In Liberty City you’ll find a park with a pair of swing sets. You can drive or walk right up to it. Once you get there, climb or wedge your car in between the fence and swing set, and it will launch you at high speed.

Is This Really a Glitch?: Good question, while technically it’s more than likely intentional, it can still be exploited. Sometimes it does glitch, and the city just disappears right before your eyes! Other times it seems to just launch you into the air, and if you’re using your body probably kill you–doesn’t make it less fun though.

03. Climbin’ Up Walls! – Double Dragon

Some glitches really are just goofy. I find that’s mostly the case in Double Dragon. I really don’t know what it is, but all the glitches I’ve ever seen in this game all deal with walls. The video above actually highlights one I wasn’t aware of.

What’s the point of these glitches?: Truthfully, I don’t know.. I mean, the level 2 boss glitch makes sense, climb down the ladder and make him disappear. The barrell and climbing up the wall glitches just seems to be random and used for laughs. Although, I’ve totally been screwed over by that wall glitch by climbing to high.

02. Level 100 Error – Duck Hunt

We all know Duck Hunt, right? Of course we do! It’s that game that was attached to that Super Mario Bros. you played every now and then. Then your parents take your Zapper away because you’re so upset with the dog laughing at you that you started slamming it on the floor. Yeah, that game! Well, guess what? That game gets even meaner.

The Glitch: It happens at level 100. Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could ever reach that. However, if you do, horror seems to happen. You immediately begin and the dogs laughing, birds are just teleporting all over the screen, it’s madness. Sometimes birds don’t even show up! What is this?! It’s pure evil incarnate…

01. Yellow Devil Exploit – Mega Man

Yellow Devil is the first Dr. Wily Boss, and he’s pretty difficult to beat. The good news is he’s weak to Thunder Beam, and you can totally cheat your way through this fight. I don’t have much to say about this, except it’s a cheap trick. I’ve done it, and to be honest, I’ll probably always do it. The first time I heard about this was from one of my cousins when I was just a stupid baby. I remembered it so well that when I finally got good enough at Mega Man, I knew exactly what to do when I got to Yellow Devil.

The Exploit: When you reach Yellow Devil, simply go in and change your weapon to the Thunder Beam. Once he materializes, take a shot at him then pause and unpause repeatedly, his health decreases incredibly fast. Like I said, this one’s pretty cheap. It’s so ingrained in my head though that I can’t help but do it. I’m not ashamed. Okay, I’m a little ashamed.

So there you have it, my top 10 video game glitches and exploits! What are some glitches you liked? What are some new cool glitches I missed? Let us know in the comments!


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