WHAT IF Is a Memorable and Sweet Date Movie – Review

How long has it been since you’ve seen Daniel Radcliffe in something?  If you’re not a huge fan, then it’s been awhile. Daniel Radcliffe has shown time and time again he is bankable talent. All you need to do is watch some of his theatrical work or his role in A Young Doctor’s Notebook which is a great mini series. Well if you’re a fan of Radcliffe, like me, are probably looking forward to Horns but until then we have What If. A romantic drama starring RadcliffeZoe Kazan and Adam Driver. What If is one of the more unique romantic drama’s I’ve seen in a long time, however, does that mean it’s any good?

What If is about Wallace and Chantry, two people who are at a crossroads in their respective lives. Wallace is a medical school drop out who has been hurting since his ex girlfriend cheated on him over a year ago. Chantry is living a happy life with her long term boyfriend Ben, however she is stuck in a rut due to the fact that she’s afraid to take a real step further in her life. Things begin to shift when Wallace and Chantry meet at their mutual friends party.

What If ‘ is full of genuine, heartfelt dialogue  and compelling, engaging characters. This is where What If shines. They are also helped out thanks to an outstanding supporting cast, spearheaded by Adam Driver who is on top comedic form. I have to say Driver has grown on me. Every time I see him I like him more and more. He’s that loveable ass-hole who knows exactly what to say. Along with Driver there is also Mackenzie DavisMegan Park and Rafe Spall who all give wonderful and memorable performances. I always say that if I can remember the name of the characters then the movie did its job in bringing me into its world. The reasoning for the memorable characters was mainly due to the remarkably touching banter between the characters, especially Chantry and Wallace who have such a great chemistry together.


What’s refreshing is that the movie doesn’t follow the romantic drama suit completely. Now there are some of the usual clichés, you know what I’m talking about. Those awkward romantic drama clichés that I don’t want to go into because they waste time in the movie and they waste time in this review.  Apart from that though I really enjoyed What If, the characters were layered and fascinating. The story was engaging and fun, and what really impressed me was when the story shifted to Dublin. Forget about Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’ Movie being the best tourist movie for Ireland, What If showed Dublin in a beautiful and charming light.  Now I said earlier that there were some clichés in What If  and though they are few and far between they are still there. It’s nitpicking but they do have to be addressed, between Alan and Nicole’s speedy romance cliché that hits every clichéd mark to Wallace’s clichéd journey to Dublin, they brought this movie down and that’s disappointing because I wanted to give this a perfect score but I can’t due to these small issues that just build up to bring the score down.

With great cinematography, great locations, a wonderfully wacky soundtrack bolstering the already charming relationship between Radcliffe and Kazan What If is a great date movie, hell it’s just a great movie.

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Graham Day

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