WOLFCOP Movie Review

Hobo With A Shotgun thrilled and disgusted while Tucker & Dale vs. Evil assaulted us with hilarious insanity. Ladies and gentlemen, the latest “gonzo” offering from The Great White North is upon us that goes by the name of WolfCop. It offers plenty of ridiculous fun for you to sink your teeth into. I don’t know what they’ve been putting in the water up in Canada, but if it inspires making entertaining movies like this, I hope they keep drinking it!

Lowell Dean is a filmmaker up to the challenge of keeping the ball rolling by giving WolfCop sincerity, integrity and big hairy balls! This movie is absurd in the best possible way, mainly because there’s never a moment where it feels like anything except what it wants to be and wears it’s cheesy premise like a badge of honor. Most importantly, WolfCop takes it’s ridiculous plot and characters seriously enough to draw some emotional investment but never loses sight of the hokey dialogue and puns, Lowell dives head first into the weird occult stuff that makes this movie so much damn fun!

The main character Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) is a screwup alcoholic cop who’s familiar with blacking out and waking up in strange places long before the transformations come in. After waking up from a Satanic ritual in the woods performed by three masked and hooded lunatics with a pentagram carved in his chest, he uses his curse as motivation to punish crime and solve the mystery of a lunar eclipse conspiracy alongside his dopey sidekick Willie (a hilarious performance by Jonathan Cherry).

There’s a standout performance by Jesse Moss as a ruthless gang leader, a disturbingly hilarious love scene set to “Moonlight Desires”, pelvic wolf transformations with outstanding practical effects work, a badass soundtrack by Shooting Guns and pure energetic filmmaking that makes WolfCop a blast! This movie obviously isn’t for everyone but if hear the movie title WolfCop puts a grin on your face, this movie delivers the goods in spades!

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Sean McClannahan

Sean McClannahan

Sean McClannahan is a freelance film journalist and is the founder of Movie Time And Beyond. His passion for movies and pop culture knows no limits.

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