(Re)Introduction to Comic Books

As the video games editor on Agents of Geek, I’m obviously here to write about video games, but there is no way I can be a one-dimensional geek on this site. So, this felt like a good time and place to share another area of my geekiness. Lately I’ve been diving down the rabbit hole of an old love of mine… COMIC BOOKS! And it’s good to be back, baby! So, I would like to welcome you to the first entry talking about comics, and since I wasn’t sure how to start this journey with you, I thought it would help to travel back in time a bit.

The year was 1991, I got my hands on my first two comic books. First comic, issue nine of Spider-Man. It introduced me to Todd Mcfarlane’s take on Spider-Man and Wolverine. I also picked up Iron Man issue 266 during the Romita Jr. run of the series. I totally latched on to Spider-Man and started learning more about comic characters, creators and publishers throughout the 90s. I collected Marvel at first and then Image, but unfortunately didn’t get into DC.


Comics were a big part of my life for many years, enjoying epic sagas, fictional worlds, and wonderful art galore. But like many readers and collectors, I fell out of the comic scene. By 2000, I was done buying comics on a weekly basis. I would visit comic shops with friends, maybe buy some action figures, but I was done with comics. When 2010 was coming to a close, I let go of the old comic collection and nearly all my action figures.

I stayed slightly connected to comic culture by attending conventions and occasionally visiting comic shops, but couldn’t see myself jumping back into monthly issues. Over the past decade, I would read a trade paperback or hardcover collection, but the genuine excitement to want to read more comics regularly was missing. I’m glad to say that is not the case anymore.

This year I got the comic book frenzy back in me bones. I started reading TPBs and hardcovers from a friend’s collection, and started picking up a few monthly titles. Comic book related podcasts are now part of my queue, and the weekly visits to the comic shop are back in my life. But with this frenzy I have the daunting feeling–or task–of playing catch-up. Yeah, being out of the game for roughly 15 years would do that, right?


My list of shame is lengthy and prone to you-haven’t-read-that ridicule, but I’m chipping away at it. Some of the classics I haven’t read are Preacher, Sandman, Hellboy, Days of Future Past, Dark Phoenix Saga, The Killing Joke, The Last Halloween, the list goes on, but at least I’ve read Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns–I’ve done good, right? Ok, at least I’m trying to trim the backlog.

I hope you guys will follow along as I blab about comic books, both old and new. I’m always open to suggestions on what to read next and discussion topics, so hit me up on twitter. Well, that should cover it for now… Until next time, my comic book kin.

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Rafael Berrios

Rafael Berrios

A New York native trying to make an impact. When not dealing with "norm" life, he spends his time reading comics, writing, gaming, watching movies and TV shows, and enjoys contributing to podcasts whenever the chance presents itself.

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