BATMAN V SUPERMAN – 5 Things that Need to Happen in DAWN OF JUSTICE

Last week Warner Bros. Studios and DC Comics gave in and blinked, moving Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice away from its impending face off with Marvel Studios and shared Captain America 3 release date in 2016, by instead placing Dawn of Justice in the early summer release stage of March 2016, instead of on that coveted first weekend of May that kicks off the official summer film season every year. Your hard-working Agents at AoG reported that news here, and since then we have started to think: what do we really need from this ground-breaking Batman versus Superman film?

Here is our list of the 5 things that need to happen in Batman V Superman:

5. Resolution To Man Of Steel 


Since Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice isn’t a true sequel to Man Of Steel (i.e. Man Of Steel 2), DC and Warner Bros must still acknowledge the cataclysmic events of Man Of Steel, and they must deal directly with the destruction caused to the city of Metropolis by Superman himself. You can bet that this new film will show us a Batman that was watching the terror from inside Gotham City while dealing with the General Zod-led paranoia that had undoubtedly taken over his own city, all the while becoming disgusted with a such a powerful alien and his wreckless disregard for public safety. Someone needs to rein in this so-called Superman, and Batman will certainly be the one to step up and attempt do just that, with their conflict taking center stage in the new film.

4. Superman: Public Enemy #1 


It could be argued that Superman did more harm than good while ending General Zod’s attempt to take over planet Earth in Man Of Steel, specifically in relation to the world’s largest city, Metropolis. It’s obvious countless lives were lost in the climactic battle, and Dawn Of Justice will certainly address this issue – but the bigger question is: will the world trust a Superman who inadvertently killed so many? The answer is no, and so Dawn Of Justice will show us a world uncertain of their Superman.

Man Of Steel showed us a Superman coming into his own, discovering the true essence of who he was born to be. He was learning how to handle the fullest extent of his abilities, and in the process he caused billions in property damage and killed countless innocents. Will the public even trust Superman given the way he handled the defense of Earth against General Zod? Probably not, and you can expect that Mr. Lex Luthor will exploit the public’s distrust of their new Superman to his advantage, and attempt to label him as an unsafe alien who could rule the planet should he so choose to do so.

3. Introducing Lex Luthor


Expect Dawn Of Justice to also fully involve itself with establishing Lex Luthor as the main antagonist of the DC cinematic universe. For decades Lex has been trying to end Superman’s rule as Earth’s savior, by time and again trying to turn the public, his friends, and his allies all against him.

Lex is also solely responsible for several incursions by other big name DC villains into Metropolis and the DC universe as he attempted time and again to align himself with those who would provide him a means to his end. Luthor has partnered with the Brain Interactive Construct, BRAINIAC, and the Lord of Apokolips himself, Darkseid, on numerous occasions as he sought to take over Earth by offering to hand over Superman in exchange for the villains help in getting him planetary rule. Dawn Of Justice will certainly plant the seeds for the future of DC film similar to this, but it will primarily focus on establishing Lex as the evil, powerful, and iconic force that he has been for so long in print.

2. The Justice League Arrives

The dream team.
The dream team.

Of all the things that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will show us, the most important thing you will see is the establishment of the Justice League in the DC cinematic universe. Dawn Of Justice will use its platform to not only establish the relationship between Superman and Batman, but also to introduce them to other heroes across the globe who have been practicing in the shadows, much like Clark was doing before becoming Superman in Man Of Steel.

Dawn Of Justice, as the name simply implies, will give us the formation of the Justice League. The film will introduce all the main players, with cameos by the big names like Aquaman (Jason Mamoa), but it will also show us the newest League member, and lesser-known, Cyborg (Ray Fisher). Wonder Woman will also make her cinematic debut with a larger role than most of the other characters, which is fitting as she rounds out the great, legendary DC Trinity.

1. Establishing The Batman / Superman Relationship


The relationship between Superman and Batman is the cornerstone of the DC universe. Not only is it imperative in their establishing of the Justice League, but their relationship transcends all DC characters as the two men who can undeniably be trusted, and also the two men who should be most feared by the villains. They are the yin to each others yang, with Superman seeing the glass always half full, and Batman seeing that same glass as being half empty.

The general movie-going public does not realize the importance of this relationship, and how it touches on and affects everything in the DC universe. The dichotomy between them is unlike anything else in the entire comic book universe. While they will ultimately trust each other unconditionally, it was certainly not always that way. Dawn Of Justice will fully explore and establish this friendship in order to pave the way for all future DC films; it’s a relationship unlike any other, and it is the basis for what makes Superman and Batman the two most iconic characters in all of comic book history.

What are you expecting from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

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